Written by Attorney Patrick Doran

The COVID-19 pandemic has created difficulties for every person and business, large or small, in this country. Maybe you have turned into a teacher, a mentor, a mask-sewer, or maybe you have developed a green-thumb or you are tackling home improvement projects that had been put off. Simply put, things have changed. What hasn’t changed is that the attorneys at Miller & Stevens are here to address any legal needs that you may have during this difficult time. While the Court system may have slowed down considerably, the need for attorneys has remained.

Due to the stay-at-home Orders issued by Governor Walz, Minnesotans are faced with uncertainty in their every day lives. Maybe you are a commercial Landlord that has a tenant that has to close indefinitely and cannot pay their rent, maybe you are a residential tenant that has a Landlord that is threatening to evict you for nonpayment shortly after you have lost your job, maybe you’ve made a bad decision due to the emotional and mental turmoil you’re facing and you wind up being charged with a criminal offense, or maybe you are in the middle or a real estate transaction that has fallen through due to the nature of the pandemic or its effects on the parties to the sale. It could be that you’ve now decided that, with the additional time at home, now is the time to start a divorce. Hopefully, we can all agree that children with divorced parents still need to spend time with each family, and each parent has the right to spend time with their children unless a court order exists that prohibits it. It’s possible that someone is prohibiting that from happening. We are here to help each and every individual or business that is facing a hardship during this time.

Whether this time has changed your life in small ways or large ways, life goes on. These are just some of the challenges that exist today. If you need a legal partner to help you work through these issues, do not hesitate to reach out to us on our website, by clicking on the Free Consultation Icon, or by phone at 651-462-0206. Miller & Stevens sincerely hopes that each and every one of you continue to stay safe and healthy.